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After two meals, this cafe is my ...
After two meals, this cafe is my favorite place to eat in Vallejo. My first meal was their ox tail soup. It was the perfect meal to have when restaurants first opened up after shelter in place orders were lifted. The soup was healing and warmed my soul. My second meal was the lobster roll. It came with fresh fries. It was my first lo ... read more
Brenda C. via - Aug 28, 2020
Perfect combination of Filipino ...
Perfect combination of Filipino and Hawaiian-inspired dishes. A lot of menu options for all dietary preferences. Friendly staff. If you're not looking closely, you might not see the restaurant right away but it was easy to park once we found it!
Monica D. via - Aug 28, 2020
Today was my first visit and the ...
Today was my first visit and the Lobster Roll special did not disappoint! I can't wait to come back here and eat my way across the menu. Lost one star due to the cold and inedible fries that came with my roll. They didn't skimp on the lobster either! Yummy business.
Lisa H. via - Aug 27, 2020
OMG lobster roll and Mac salad ...
OMG lobster roll and Mac salad. I have never had Mac salad that made me so glad I ordered a large. That lobster roll has me, though. If they have it on the menu order it. Also, if you want a little island in your life go there. Ps they make their own spam!
Rachelle S. via - Aug 18, 2020
I discovered this cafe when we ...
I discovered this cafe when we were looking for a brunch restaurant and it was wonderful! There are so many excellent choices. I used to live in Hawaii and Hong Kong so the food is very familiar. The portions are large. The service is excellent. We went inside the restaurant to use the restroom. Unfortunately due to Covid we weren't ... read more
Rhonda R. via - Aug 15, 2020
I learned about this restaurant ...
I learned about this restaurant from my social.mefia food group and so glad I went there today! I ordered a lobster roll and they make it fresh for pick up. They have limited socially distanced outdoor seating, everyone is required to wear a mask, and all staff wore masks. The food was delicious! The sweet bread roll and the lobster ... read more
Jcee l. via - Aug 13, 2020
I got a lobster roll today, looked ...
I got a lobster roll today, looked good on fb so thought I'd check it out.  It was good, but the dine in (patio) wait time is a bit long for lunch. If you have a regular lunch break may want to call ahead.  Also the sandwich was not consistently full, my wife's sandwich was piled with lobster and mine was a little skimpy.  Overall, I ... read more
Jeunesse S. via - Aug 12, 2020
Been meaning to review this place ...
Been meaning to review this place. Food is bomb af. The lechon bowl is so yummy, a good mix of rich lechon and refreshing sides. Staff is super welcoming. My filipino family approves!
Kaylee B. via - Jun 10, 2020
Bomb island comfort food. Sauces ...
Bomb island comfort food. Sauces, dressings, sides...always tasty and spot on. Fast Covid pickup service. Look for year 2 Anniversary specials May 9th. Come try it.
Gina Z. via - May 7, 2020
Friendly service & good food. I ...
Friendly service & good food. I like that the menu has changed each time I go.
Also, the macadamia iced coffee is .
Florianne M. via - Mar 21, 2020
I been back from hawaii for about ...
I been back from hawaii for about a month and this place took me right back.the people are warm and friendly and the food tastes authentic .if I cant be in hawaii this is the next closest place ... read more
Rene L. via - Mar 12, 2020
A great fusion of Filipino and ...
A great fusion of Filipino and Hawaiian cuisine.  But don't let the Mom and pop ambience fool you. They know how to elevate their food presentation and offerings so that they're both tasty and Instagram worthy.  We ordered the chicharon as a starter, then the steamed bao pork belly, lechon kawali bowl and moco loco.  For desert, we h ... read more
Cristina B. via - Mar 11, 2020
The food was soooooooo good The music was pretty good too cute decor Super nice servers Good vibes here forsure It's a nice place to go with friends or even just by yourself Give it a try you won't be disappointed 🤩 ... read more
quessia Cortes via - Mar 3, 2020
Consistent tasting food! Everything ...
Consistent tasting food! Everything on the menu is a good blend of Filipino/ Hawaiian fusion. Best breakfast in Vallejo!
Crystal T. via - Mar 1, 2020
Location:  easy to get to off Hwy ...
Location:  easy to get to off Hwy 80 at Tennessee exit.  Parking is limited and next to

Interior:  Gots da good feel. Music is nice. Wall TVs with sports channels to entertain the sports fanatics. Decorated matches appropriate theme. I feel like I'm in Hawaii. Clean!

Server:  Friendly. Introduced daily special and serv
... read more
Michelle P. via - Mar 1, 2020
"Hawaii. The most sought-after ...
"Hawaii. The most sought-after postal route of them all. The air is so dewy-sweet you don't even have to lick the stamps..." - Newman, Seinfeld

Da Scene: On Redwood Ave. Sat. morning searching for filipino food, I'm in Vallejo after all... not my hood, but have family here. Surprisingly, not a whole lot of options, wha, wha?!
... read more
Joey M. via - Mar 1, 2020
What a great hidden gem! Love love ...
What a great hidden gem! Love love love this place, my co worker picked it out last week while we were on assignment in Benicia! Delicious Hawaiian/Filipino fusion. I got the kalua pig Benedict, I'm doing keto right now and they were more than happy to 86 the bread for me! My colleague got loco moco and LOVED it. Service was great an ... read more
Robin V. via - Feb 29, 2020
New interior, good food but music too loud ... read more
Sergii Kru via - Feb 28, 2020
Food is good, but tiny portions and above average pricing.
Christopher Brooks via - Feb 27, 2020
You might miss this place if you're not too familiar with the area as it's tucked in an alley. They have a smallish parking space in front of the resto which gets full quick. However, you can also park on the street. We were immediately greeted with the door opened for us. It wasn't super busy so we were seated immediately. We or ... read more
Angelie Khu via - Feb 24, 2020
Really good tasty food! However ...
Really good tasty food! However the price for the portions aren't really sufficient. If they took 1.50-2.00 off their prices I would definitely come here more often.

Tried the chicken adobo hash, sisig! Hella bomb!
Audria S. via - Feb 22, 2020
Great place for Hawaiian/Filipino food!
Rhodora Carpena via - Feb 14, 2020
Good Filipino and Hawaiian Food ... read more
Dennis M via - Feb 11, 2020
Lechon rice bowl was spot on.  Uber ...
Lechon rice bowl was spot on.  Uber waffle was okay but not memorable.

 Friendly service. Cute decor.
Richard C. via - Feb 9, 2020
Ambiance and food was great! The ...
Ambiance and food was great! The short rib pulled apart easily with my fork, the gravy for the loco mocos was savory but not too thick. I walked out feeling so satisfied!
Lauren F. via - Feb 9, 2020
Holy mother of food! Food so delicious ...
Holy mother of food! Food so delicious all I can say is thank you! Came through for Sunday brunch with a group of friends. Reggae music playing,  island vibes decor all around.  Meat wise, chicken is the only protein I eat. I was happy to see so many chicken and veggies options on the menu! I ordered the chicken momo and I loved it! ... read more
Rachel L. via - Feb 4, 2020
Went there for the first time after driving by for a while. Excellent food and service. Definitely going to be coming back again.
Jim Weathers via - Jan 31, 2020
Delicious! Friendly and knowledgeable people, fun atmosphere. We went during the week before the lunch crowd hit. Reservations recommended if you want to try it on a weekend. They also have an outdoor seating area for when the weather gets warmer. Definitely going back😊 ... read more
Rochella Fontela via - Jan 25, 2020
Friendly people and tasty food. If you want great Filipino/Hawaiian Food with a unique twist then you must give Kehaulani's Cafe a visit.
John Quisol via - Jan 25, 2020
A hidden breakfast and brunch gem ...
A hidden breakfast and brunch gem, Kehaulani's Cafe does an outstanding job of bringing Filipino and Hawaiian dishes to the diverse community of Vallejo and Solano County. Without doing prior research or using a GPS, the restaurant could easily be missed while driving by, however, it is definitely not a restaurant you would want to i ... read more
Steph Q. via - Jan 25, 2020
This was our 3rd visit to Kelualani's ...
This was our 3rd visit to Kelualani's Cafe. We are never disappointed with the food or service. The staff are always kind and friendly and the food is always delicious. If you haven't had Filipino/Hawaiian inspired food then this is the place to give your taste buds a treat. This will become your go-to place when you want to have a g ... read more
John Q. via - Jan 24, 2020
Came with some friends to this ...
Came with some friends to this spot for a Sunday brunch.  We didn't arrive there until 11am, so  their parking lot was full, so we parked on the street.

In addition to the menu on the table, there was the menu  on the board that lists their specials, drinks, deserts, etc. Their food isn't what you would typically find in Hawa
... read more
Cari A. via - Jan 19, 2020
Friendly people and tasty food.
John Quisol via - Jan 12, 2020
I just absolutely love this place ...
I just absolutely love this place. The food here is very tasty. The food comes fast and good customer service. I recommend the loco moco , actually everything is so good and flavorful here. I would give six stars if I could.
Beverly O. via - Jan 9, 2020
I REALLY wanted this to be a 5 ...
I REALLY wanted this to be a 5 star addition to this area. Overall, 5 stars for service, 5 stars for cleanliness and 3 stars for food.
Ryan T. via - Jan 9, 2020
Very good Philipino/Hawaiian food with friendly service for our group of almost 20.
Matthew Shiroma via - Jan 9, 2020
My eyes lit up at first bite.Note: ...
My eyes lit up at first bite.

Note: You might get lost if it's your first time coming to Kehaulani's Cafe...I for sure did, and so did my friend who I was meeting. After circling around a bit, it all worked out!

I ordered the Lechon Bowl - this isn't your typical lechon kawali (which is what I was expecting - crispy po
... read more
Melanie B. via - Jan 6, 2020
The food is great. Fun vibe. The loco moco with braised short rib was the reason I went there and it didn't disappoint. But the meat on the Kalua Pork Benny was the star. Just give me a plate of that.
Ray Stuckey via - Jan 3, 2020
Friendly staff, and good food. Nice interior design as well.
Christopher Heidorn via - Jan 3, 2020
Incredible good food and service! ...
Incredible good food and service! I would recommend this to anyone who enjoys Hawaiian and Filipino food.
Marie L. via - Jan 3, 2020
Great Food and atmosphere, they are always creating different specials and food is always delicious.
A Cruz via - Jan 2, 2020
Ok, so this place is serving up ...
Ok, so this place is serving up some seriously great food here.  Presentation, taste, texture, quality of of meal..... everything is just so amazing. The atmosphere is very relaxed and friendly.  I've definitely made this place a go to on my list.  Thank you , Kehaulani's.  I'll see you again:) ... read more
P B. via - Dec 29, 2019
Omg is what she said after her ...
Omg is what she said after her first bite. And I was like DAMM this is so good. I had the locomoco, the best I've ever had. Braised Beef, who would of thought. Steam Beo Pork and Link Dish. All amazing! Will be back!
Carol V. via - Dec 11, 2019
This is my second time here and it was even better than the first.
Jonathan Hernandez via - Dec 1, 2019
Probably our favorite spot to eat ...
Probably our favorite spot to eat in Vallejo outside of the Mere Island Brewery. Really fun food and almost perfect execution. Value is always great and service is excellent.
James C. via - Nov 27, 2019
Loco Moco is incredible. The malasadas are a great way to sweeten the meal.
Christopher Nucho via - Nov 26, 2019
Great food, friendly service, nice ...
Great food, friendly service, nice decor/atmosphere. We went with a group of friends for breakfast and every single one of us loved the dish we ordered. We'll definitely be making this a regular gathering here.
Rachel B. via - Nov 23, 2019
The food was absolutely amazing ...
The food was absolutely amazing must go place. It was our first time there and we were satisfied. The food is very favorable and just the service alone too very profesional and kind. I would totally go back. Must try their loco moco.
Ivette H. via - Nov 17, 2019
Fun atmosphere!! Great vibes and food. Love the Ube Waffles and Portuguese sausage plus the lumpia was on point.
Tony Bowles via - Nov 16, 2019
First time here with my girls.
First time here with my girls. Great breakfast and great service . Definitely a hidden gem for Vallejo. I was not feeling to well and read on the menu they had lugaw! Perfect for under the weather and it was delish .
Mae D. via - Nov 16, 2019
Great tasting Hawaiian-Filipino ...
Great tasting Hawaiian-Filipino food! The interior has nice decor with beautiful booth seats. Definitely gives off Hawaiian vibes with the decorations and island music.  We ordered the chicken lumpia, chicken loco moco, and short ribs loco moco. The lumpia was crispy and came with sweet chili sauce drizzled on it. The chicken in the ... read more
Sean D. via - Nov 10, 2019
Chicken loco moco is life!! Ask ...
Chicken loco moco is life!! Ask for the gravy on the side so your chicken stay crispy.!! Definitely one of my fav place in Vallejo.
Mycah F. via - Nov 9, 2019
Who knew there was such a delicious ...
Who knew there was such a delicious Filipino-Hawaiian brunch/lunch place here?! My boyfriend and I stopped here in the morning after our weekend trip to Napa. We ordered the loco moco and the Portuguese sausage and egg. It was tasty though on a bit on the salty side.

The service was so friendly and I loved the restaurant decor
... read more
Judith C. via - Nov 5, 2019
Stir fry noodle with shrimp was ...
Stir fry noodle with shrimp was good. Chicken sandwhich was cooked to perfection. No complaints. Place was getting packed when we were getting our food,  the vibe was friendly and waitress was friendly. Glad that I stopped by here as where in Richmond not much choices of Filipino food.
Steven G. via - Nov 3, 2019
Food here is so good. 🤙🏽 Brought a friend to try her first ever spam and eggs today and she loved it. Great environment, great reggae tunes, great service. The Chicken Adobo Vegetable Hash was rad; Perfect proportion and great presentation.
Sean Noble via - Nov 2, 2019
Sehr gut und empfehlenswert!
Stefan Hausmann via - Oct 22, 2019
Friendly and excellent customer ...
Friendly and excellent customer service! Food is to die for- we ordered lechon bowl (the best!), sisig, arrozcaldo (unique fusion!), ube creme brulee and malasada. The desserts were nothing spectacular but worth trying. The lechon bowl is definitely something everyone should order. Yum yum ... read more
Kate C. via - Oct 20, 2019
This is a cute little spot: clean; ...
This is a cute little spot: clean; great home-y, island vibe; and really good food! This is one of those few places that fries eggs the way I like- sunny side up and crispy on the edges- without me having to request it, so that was definitely an added bonus.
Leilani Q. via - Oct 19, 2019
Great food!! Lovely service and atmosphere. Definitely coming back again!
Domonique Jones via - Sep 22, 2019
Filipino- Hawaiian fusion food ...
Filipino- Hawaiian fusion food at it's best. We had delicious and mouth watering Lechon Bowl and Loco Moco.
Angelica V. via - Sep 13, 2019
Very friendly staff. Dishes are exceptional.
Rommel A via - Sep 13, 2019
This place is so good! The service ...
This place is so good! The service is always so great and the food is amazing. We've never had much of a wait. The drinks are also great! We mainly go for their breakfast but plan to go back for dinner soon.
Bree Y. via - Sep 10, 2019
I cant wait to try every single plate.
Doris Huezo via - Sep 8, 2019
What a cute gem here in Vallejo! ...
What a cute gem here in Vallejo! I went with classmates in a large group (~20 people) and they were really accommodating despite us having no reservations. I ordered the Portuguese sausage which was really good! The sausage is flavorful and it's served with kimchi fried rice and pickled cucumbers. At first, it seemed on the smaller s ... read more
Ashley H. via - Sep 7, 2019
Food is delicious and the staff ...
Food is delicious and the staff was very nice. I will definitely be coming back. Plus they have Mare Island Beer:) ... read more
Christina S. via - Sep 6, 2019
Yum yum yummy food! Loved it!  So ...
Yum yum yummy food! Loved it!  So far I've have the kailua pork Benny and oh man sooooo delicious. I also had one of their specials which was the adobo omelette which was yeeeessss again deeeelicious!  I would totally go back and highly recommend the place too.
Janie N. via - Sep 2, 2019
This place was awesome! We stumbled ...
This place was awesome! We stumbled upon it on our way from San Francisco to Napa and felt like locals when we dined there. The seared ahi tuna was amazing, and the drink prices were very reasonable. I had a peach mimosa...yum yum! Very authentic Philippine cuisine!
Alissa L. via - Sep 2, 2019
Came here for Sunday morning brunch ...
Came here for Sunday morning brunch and it wasn't busy but there were 4-5 other tables.
Servers are attentive and friendly -- they came by 3x to check in. We ordered the grilled sausage entree, arroz caldo, loco moco and sisig to share. We enjoyed our entrees. The sisig was both savory and tangy from a vinegar Adobo flavor. We enj
... read more
Kristina N. via - Sep 1, 2019
I've been wanting to check this ...
I've been wanting to check this place out for a while now but every time it came to mind it was on a Monday or Tuesday, the ONLY days that they're closed. FINALLY thought about going on the right day, which was yesterday. I went for a double date brunch with my parents and everything we had was delicious! I had a fried chicken loco m ... read more
Jessica Maica D. via - Aug 29, 2019
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